Easy to integrate distribution API

A fully digital user experience that you can plug and play on your platform. No call centers, and no manual paperwork!
Happy customers means low churn and higher NPS.

Decarbonise the planet

With every Lucci purchase, our customers are able to offset their carbon footprint. Consumers are choosing climate - be part of the change as a business.

Increase and create a new revenue stream

Our easy to integrate insurance API allows you  to embed insurance on any platform. Policies are priced and underwritten using multiple data sources, computer vision and some magic.

Every Lucci policy will offset at least 11 tonnes of carbon emission!


Lucci is built on next gen technology

Seamlessly integrate into our end-to-end insurance platform.

Analytics on the go - monitor performance using our analytics capabilities.

Data driven - we've partnered with the best in class data providers to price and underwrite policies faster and more accurately.

Your action today will make a difference for  future generations


Home insurance that is good for the planet

We care about the planet so we designed our home insurance to offset your carbon footprint .
Meet your ESG goals  by partnering with us.

Insure your home

All the great features of best in class, data driven insurance designed for the modern user.

  1. Easy to implement RESTful API
  2. Dynamically priced
  3. Quote and bind super fast
  4. Fully digital
  5. Goes with you - manage on the go
  6. Goes with any platform, mobile or web

Insure the planet

Every purchase of Lucci will offset your carbon footprint

  1. Join the net-zero emissions movement
  2. Measure, evaluate and offset your carbon footprint (coming soon)

Believe in the power of collective action.
We can do this.

carbon offset

Our planet is our only home...

Lucci is the only home insurance API that provides a carbon offset for every policy purchase

"Every year you delay, waiting for someone else to fix your emissions problems, is another decade you add to the time future generations will have to live with the impact of your indecision.

Do the work. Go zero, or even better, go -10%. Look your grandkids in the eye one day and tell them you did everything you could, not that you waited longer than you expected for someone to fix it for you"

Alan Jones (the good one) M8Ventures

If not now, then when? If not you, then who?


For the climate conscious consumer & investor

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By switching to Lucci, you're not just getting a better insurance experience but you're also taking action to save our planet.
If you are an investor, our next funding round is open, so say hello!

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Designed for your business - embeded home insurance!

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